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Capstan Court is home to three distinctly different families whose lives have become entwined through friendships forged over twenty years. They have shared joys and sorrows, survived teething toddlers, lent helping hands, and celebrated one another’s successes.

Nothing lasts forever, however. Parents age, children grow up, and ambitions and aspirations jockey for position. Suddenly, the stability of the three households is under threat. Can they negotiate the troubled waters surrounding them or will they be swept away by the waves and vying currents of inevitable change?

Second Chances sets the isolation of Western Australia against the hubbub of London, telling the intertwined stories of a group of colorful characters at various stages in their lives.

Alan and Sylvia share a relationship of convenience. When Sylvia travels to London to attend a funeral, they both find themselves caught up in circumstances that force them to re-consider where their lives are heading. Alan’s brother Ben and his spoiled wife Suzanne struggle to find common ground as they try to raise three indulged children, run a successful business, and maintain an affluent lifestyle. Pulled in opposite directions by unwise choices, they find their family’s emotional security under threat.

For both couples, mistakes of the past collide with hope for the future. Errors of judgment must be tackled head on. They say everyone deserves a second chance, but it takes willingness to recognize the opportunity when it comes knocking and courage to open the door.