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by V.P. Saxton

book review by Elizabeth Creel


“Another family would invade their idyllic existence. People they knew nothing about would expect to become part of their lives.”

When Helena’s mother becomes ill and needs full time care, her and her family are faced with giving up their dream home on Capstan Court to help take care of her. The decision is not well received by their neighbors, who are devastated that their tight-knit community is being turned upside down. Helena and Greg, Lizzie and Mike, and Carla and Douglas as well as their families had been inseparable for years. But now has the time come for the Capstan Court residents to go their separate ways? The story follows each of these three families as they go about their lives all while processing the biggest change they’ve faced in all these years living next to one another.

Saxton’s novel presents itself as a simple yet relatable story about how close friends and neighbors can truly become over time. A feeling of Desperate Housewives will cross the reader’s mind as they dive deeper into this story, but with less over-the-top drama. The crazy drama expected in such a narrative is replaced by normal, everyday household activities and exchanges more typical of modern families. It flows like that of what really happens with families and friends as opposed to the outlandish eccentrics in that of shows or movies. The fast-pacing and quick-draw narrative changes can feel like that of a television series. Switching back and forth between each individual character and allowing each person to have their own voice. Each family gets their own development and story arc that ties together neatly at the end. Saxton has created a feel-good family novel that explores these friendships and relationships that will make the reader ask why they hadn’t heard of Capstan Court before.